Stevi T

Updated 2-27-2017


3.5" Spring Twig w/nest  $295.00



7" Steampunk Mouse on Time piece $395.00



11"  Mouse in Cage   $295.00



Holiday Lights Mice  2.25 inches tall sitting on vintage wooden  spool wrapped with tiny colorful lights. Spool measures approximately 1.75 inches tall   $295.00 each



9" Steampunk Rat long is 100 % needle felted from alpaca fiber over a wire armature. His eyes are black beads. He has 24K plated miniature cocktail forks for paws and an 11 inch wood disc tail that is wired.. His wings are wired so they can be posed in a tucked in or spread out position.



Sleeping Chimpmunk  $295.00


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